The company EMM International s.r.o. has been registered in the minds of customers, as a company providing quality maintenance services, for a long time. Service is performed by certified personnel who are trained on the latest technology under our key partners. We provide support all over Slovakia. The Technical Support is available during regular business hours at the time of 7:30 to 16:00. For our partners we provide emergency service nonstop 24/7.

Sending requests for support and service:

1. Requests for support or service can be made by telephone, email or postal mail.
2. Telephone requests will be accepted, but they must be additionally confirmed by e-mail.
3. For your service requests, use the following contacts:

Phone: +421 (0) 2 65311904
Mobile: +421 (0) 902217218

Service support outside working hours is granted only for contractors.

mailing address:
EMM International spol. sr.o.
Sekurisova 16
841 02 Bratislava